Monday, 7 October 2013

Black for fall

  1. Fedora, velvet crop top, floral leggings - Forever 21
  2. Faux leather - Urban Planet
  3. Wedge shoes - Call it Spring
  4. Jewelries - Forever 21, Ardenes, ebay
In my opinion fall is one of the best season! I can play around with clothes, mix and match it however I want. I can really express how I layer and layer different kinds of fabric and textures.
My current obsession at the moment is collecting tons of printed leggings and crop tops.
Also fedora is a must in every womens closet, you can never go wrong with them ;).

Sorry for not posting for a LONG time!! Its just really really busy and all. Thank you <3.

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  1. hi lovely! saw your blog link through lookbook and I just realized you're from Vancouver! that's so interesting, so am I. I love the retro vibe of these photos and your style is pretty amazing. hope you can check out my blog x

    1. Hi love =), lol that's so interesting, we have the same first name also :D. Thank you so much for the compliment, it means a lot to me. I'm actually kinda new here so I'm still looking for followers. Hope someday we could meet in person and share our passion with each other <3.